Nothing says ‘Straya’ quite like a barbie, some pavlova or a lamington….. Add to that an all day Happy Hour, non stop water slides, a game of handball and a few flying Havaianas and you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a cracking good Australia Day abroad!


Whether you’re an Aussie just visiting beautiful Bali or one who has opted to live here and love it ‘long time’, there’s always a moment when each of us look for a few reminders of home. Comforts from the mother land might simply be the smell of a sausage sizzle, the scent of lawn clippings on a Sunday avo or laughing with friends over a few cold brews. Whatever triggers your yearning for a taste of the Great Southern Land, you’ll no doubt satisfy any stirrings of homesickness when you join in the Australia Day celebrations at Finns Recreation Club on Friday, January 26th.