Corner House introduces Sunday brunch with seafood, live music and kick-ass Bloody Mary’s.

By Sarah Dougherty

The Australian tradition of Sunday brunch has found a home here at Seminyak’s Corner House and it’s all about celebrating warm weather, conversation, great tunes and fabulous food. There is even a beer garden; you have to love that.  

Sunday brunch is traditionally a meal designed to combat the effects of living large on Saturday night. A chance for families and friends to come together in the late morning or early afternoon and share good food and company before heading back to work on Monday. Life has changed in lots of ways but Sundays still feel special.

Corner House has been serving up a special diet of great service, generous portions and cut prices during the lockdown, from their now famous 49K breakfasts to 1 for 2 pizza nights, affordable cocktails, chicken parmy nights and more.  

What’s on the menu. 

Sundays are devoted to seafood. With groaning fisherman’s baskets overflowing with fat, fresh crumbed prawns, battered fish, calamari, scallops and fresh vegetables, they are laid out on a bed of hand cut chips and served with home-made tartare sauce. In addition to that there are freshly shucked oysters ( huge and glistening) and generously-sized King prawns at just 15K each. Served with traditional seafood sauce, they are delicious and many a patron has been known to eat more than a dozen.  

The cocktails of the day are a spicy Bloody Mary, designed as the perfect hangover cure, and zesty mojitos at just 60K.  Owners Mick and Lynley took over the venue last year and converted the French brasserie style menu to a more generous modern Australian style.   

“We looked at the situation when Covid hit and we decided to step up and offer guests more bang for their buck. Seminyak is much quieter at the moment than Canggu and people are looking for a deal to get them out of the house. We’ve done that and added live music, affordable bar prices, nightly specials, and daily breakfasts at great prices along with a lively Sunday session designed to remind us all of the good times,” explains Mick Le Grand who has a long tradition of running pubs in Melbourne.  

Sundays sessions.

The atmosphere at Corner House is lively. The nightly band features some great singers and the tunes are designed to get people tapping their toes, singing along to their favourites and often taking to the stage.  

“ We’ve had some great singers jump up and join the band. They are customers who just enjoy having a sing and some of them are just great. Now they show up regularly and the bands know who they are and call them up,” explains Lynley. 

One of the joys that many of us are missing is the buzz of being out, sharing good food and good times. Corner House delivers all that from breakfast through to dinner and beyond. The philosophy of serving up generous portions of comforting food, making the experience affordable and adding music is winning back regular customers and winning new ones.  

“ It’s all about making people smile, we all need that right now and we’re never happier than when the venue is buzzing with conversation and our patrons are happy,” continues Mick.  

The Sunday sessions brunch offers three different start times to avoid overcrowding and the band starts at 2, while the fisherman’s baskets flying out of the kitchen and the fresh seafood reminds us of sunny days and celebrations.  


For more information and bookings

Visit: https://www.cornerhousebali.com/  , follow their Facebook page for daily specials, or Whatsapp them on +62 813 3960 9258