The Hottest Wellness Trends for 2019 – Check in with our Holiday Wellness Guide and fitness tips

You know the drill; you look after yourself, watch what you eat, follow an exercise program and then you go on holidays and blow it all. It doesn’t have to be like that.

To celebrate Karma’s recent appointment of a worldwide yoga ambassador and their extensive wellness packages, we talk to Judy Chapman, the brand’s Spa & Wellness Ambassador, about fitness and wellness trends to watch and how wellness holidays can kickstart your year.

Karma Kandara's ocean spa embodies the philosophies of wellness that Director Judy Chapman brings to all karma resorts.
Karma Kandara’s ocean spa embodies the philosophies of wellness that Director Judy Chapman brings to Karma resorts worldwide.


Firstly, how can a wellness retreat get you back on track? 

I’m a big believer in using retreats as an opportunity to let go of bad habits and reset your mind and body. I personally attend at least 2-3 yoga or hiking retreats each year to give my body a break from coffee and the digital devices.  There’s nothing like being ‘forced’ to do fitness classes each day and eat healthier food to get you back into a healthier rhythm. This is why we are offering more fitness, yoga and wellness packages at all of our karma resorts around the globe!

How do you integrate wellness into your holiday without giving up all the things you love?

Karma Spa’s DNA has always been ‘pleasure must be part of your cure’  and so the the vibe at Karma Kandara for example is you can do yoga by the sea in the morning, eat well, drink coconut water during the day, and then find yourself dancing barefoot to incredible live DJ’s under the stars at midnight! There are complimentary wellness shots available at various stations throughout the resort – we’ve got it all going on!  Wellness is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing and that’s Karma’s ethos in a nutshell – happiness is wellness!

How are Karma Resorts embracing the wellness trend?

From the beginning, our spa at Karma Kandara was always wellness-oriented. Ten years ago, our team of bodyworkers all received reiki training as well as attending nutritional and yoga workshops, as our passion was to ensure we were delivering an authentic and personalized experience to each individual.

Behind the scenes, we’ve always used non-toxic cleaning products in our spa.

Treatment-wise, Kandara was the first luxury resort in Bali to introduce an infrared Sauna and LED Light Therapy Facials that are so on trend right now. We are also the first resort here to launch the celebrity Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials and have recently partnered with The Dose to offer our guests IV therapy and vitamin boosters. We are always moving forward…

What does your daily fitness routine look like? 

I travel frequently for work so my personal challenge is to create a routine that helps me stay healthy on the road. When at home though, I mix it up with Pilates, dance, yoga, barre, and HIT (high-intensity interval training). I also play tennis regularly which I love but my biggest passion is hiking outdoors. I’m also a qualified yoga teacher (although a bit of a lazy one) – but even twenty-minutes a day can do wonders for one’s flexibility, posture and mind.

What are the top fitness trends right now?

High-intensity interval training (HIT) that is described as short, intense, burst training is still top of the fitness trends list – it’s believed to be far more effective for cardiovascular health and weight-loss than longer periods of training like jogging and the treadmill.

Social workouts like tennis (rather than solitary fitness like jogging alone) is also hot as scientists have now discovered people who play social sports live longer – yay!

Dance is going to be big as there’s increasing evidence that dancing is good for brain and body connection and helps to delay dementia and other cognitive diseases. Expect doctors to prescribe ‘dancing’ as a way to keep young and healthy. How much fun is that!

Functional Fitness is becoming mainstream as this exercise helps to improve balance, coordination and endurance. It’s known as ‘training for life’ – afterall, what do you want to be able to do when you are 80 – run a marathon or be able to bend down and pick up your grandkids? Functional fitness is the key to aging well.

Outdoor Fitness, with increased pollution in our world, lung-cleansing outdoor activities in fresh air is more crucial to our health than ever.  In the not too distant future, doctors will be prescribing nature walks and hikes for respiratory and heart disease, depression and anxiety.  Walking in nature is a remedy for many aliments.

What are some other fitness trends on the radar?

There’s no doubt that fitness is becoming center stage at hotels and resorts around the world. We’re now seeing fitness gym bands opening hotel chains (rather than before when the gym was found at the basement). Fitness gyms are also introducing machines and experiences where you can ‘train like an athlete’ and extreme fitness is a thing now!

Spa-wise, we’re seeing the emergence of fitness massages and more yoga with hiking and other fitness retreats.  With all the new studies showing how a sedentary life (hours spent at the computer each day) is far deadlier than smoking, this has led to the term ‘sitting is the new smoking’ being coined.  Sitting for long hours is now considered a higher risk factor than many other diseases including diabetes and obesity – scary stuff!

Any other advice for people wanting to take up fitness routine?

Find a sport you love – and keep moving!

 Karma Wellness packages are available at all their resorts. For the full program and prices check their website here