So who is the BABA? He loves a great time. He is the soul of the party. He sings, he dances and he always has a story to share from his travels. BABA loves his food.

He is a global nomad and he takes in the best of what the world has to offer, and at BABA’S the soul of these travels is the inspiration behind every dish… East meets West.

The Peranakan interpretation of Malay/ Indonesian food presents tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal flavours including popular fish curries and even the famous beef rendang.

Laksa (seafood noodle soup) is probably the most widely appreciated example of Peranakan cuisine epitomising the spicy sour notes with coconut milk, galangal and seafood.

The Nyonya Laksa Singapura is Lee’s grandmother’s family recipe, which has its origins in the Lee family’s food stall.

Lee knows his grandparents would be very proud to see their beloved Laksa recipe being enjoyed in Seminyak. Sean also works closely with masters of the wok, actively seeking out authentic and forgotten recipes.

The hu’u group has specialised in providing chic nightlife and classy parties in the heart of Seminyak for over a decade, but now in this year of the Snake, things are changing.

A fresh and authentic dining venue, BABA’S has the foodies raving.

Paying homage to owner Sean Lee’s South-East Asian roots, BABA’S will focus on authentic Peranakan food based on family recipes and personal expertise. Peranakan or ‘Nyonya’ cooking has its roots in the Chinese who began to occupy South-East Asia, blending Chinese ingredients with Malay/Indonesian spices and cooking techniques.

This style of cuisine has long been enjoyed by Asians and those who are well travelled, and to have Asian Master Chefs on side creating the menu means BABA’S is unique in

offering authentic Peranakan dining in a classy poolside setting with elegant service. Owner Sean Lee explains, “To understand the meaning of the BABA’S, all you have to do is check out a famous song; “Rasa Sayang”. Rasa Sayang is close to the hearts of Singaporeans, Indonesians and Malaysians and different interpretations can be found around South-East Asia. There is some dispute about the song’s origin but Lee feels

that it is the “pride for a bygone era that a mish-mash of cultures shares that is important, not the ownership of heritage”.

Lee feels exactly the same way about his Peranakan cuisine, which is already a hit with Seminyak sophisticates. For starters, try BABA’S Tok Panjang Platter (Appetiser Platter) or Yin Yang Shrimps with Lemon Mayonnaise & Cereal Glazed Shrimp in 2 styles. Mains include the signature Laksa Noodles Singapura, BABA’S Southern Indian Prata Set or BABA’S Nasi Ayam Singapura. The hu’u classic grazers still have pride of place on the menu as well as old time favourites.

The essential guide to baba’s

BABA’S at hu’u Bar, Seminyak now offers authentic Southeast Asian poolside dining in tropical gardens. Expect spicy, sour flavours, satays and a melting pot of South East Asian ideas. Sean Lee presents his interpretation of his own family recipes presented beautifully and served exquisitely. Don’t miss BABA’S signature Laksa noodle soup.


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