Bali Safari & Marine Park

This is one impressive safari park where visitors can get up close and personal with a range of beautiful and rare creatures. With more than 60 different species, this is home to hundreds of creatures.

The Bali Safari & Marine Park can be a wild affair. The rare creatures such as the Komodo dragon, Orang-utan’s and beautiful Bali Mynah birds are here to observe and watch making this a special day trip for those keen on exotic animals all living in the lush and huge tropical grounds near artistic Ubud.

Bali Safari & Marine Park is part of Taman Safari Indonesia and is a member of WAZA – the World Association of Zoo and Aquariums as well as and CBSG, which is a conservation breeding specialist group that is at the frontline of conservation in Indonesia.

A visit to this park ensures that you are helping to secure the future survival and wellbeing of many endangered species. Education and conservation programs aim to help secure the future of Sumatran elephants, Sumatran Tigers, Bali Mynah, and Komodo Dragons.

Bali Safari & Marine Park offers exciting range of adventure for guests to enjoy. Even lions that prefer to play by night and sleep by day can join the amazing Night Safari.

Walking around the park in the dark to watch closely the nocturnal animals, such as bats, owls, eagles, and binturongs. Imagine watching tigers hunt for their nightly meal from the safety of a caged tram that has two zookeepers to maintain a watchful eye and an informative guide. Hand feed zebra, elephants and rhinoceroses. Back from the journey, get up close and personal with the animals at animal encounter, watching the Night Show “Afrika! Rhythm of Fire”, and enjoy the barbecue dinner at N’kuchiro Bar &  By day guests are dazzled as animals approach the side windows of the tram. Enjoy Lake Manyara where hippos hang out in the cool mud or get wobbly-eyed with Zebra stripes. Check out the lions – including from a window in the wonderful Tsavo Lion Restaurant – meerkats and porcupines.

On foot guests can visit different ‘animal encounters’. This could mean and stroll long the road the leads to the realms of the Ranthambore – a recreation of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan but here this place is occupied by white tigers. Watch them swim and laze about in their habitat.

With so much on offer, it is hard to pick where to start. Perhaps the Kampung Gajah, where you can visit Safari Poo Paper, the first poo paper factory in Indonesia, and watch elephant show.

The essential guide to bali safari & marine park

Bear witness to some wonderful cultural shows that include spectacular theatrical and legendary show of Bali Agung. There is waterpark where visitors can spend sunbathing time and funzone if your family wants more fun with Jungle Cruise and Flume Ride. Stay overnight at the Mara River Safari Lodgeand wake up and see rhinos, zebra, and wildebeest wanderaround the  park from your own porch with the the shadowof Mount Agung in the background. Wonderful dining are available at several locations throughout the park so you will be well fuelled to make the most of your stay to be unforgettable experience.


bali safari & marine park
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