Chill Reflexology & Acupressure

Chilling out is a very personal experience and each guest at CHILL spa is provided with an ipod, which has been programmed with a choice of soundtracks to guide you through one of Bali’s most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences.

Based on ancient healing techniques, evolved from the ancient Eastern practices of reflexology and acupressure, the treatments are designed to stimulate and restore the natural healing forces of the mind, body and spirit.

Spas used to be devoted to getting away from it all. Now they are about getting back to something: a spiritual place designed to enhance physical well-being and stress relief. This is the motivation behind CHILL, a customised retreat to experience the ancient art of reflexology or zone therapy.

At CHILL, popular natural healing techniques have been inspired by ancient wisdoms that draw on the practice of fingertip pressure to specific areas of the extremities to renew life-giving force and rebalancing the body.

For the time poor and the spa-shy, CHILL is a fantastic retreat amid the bustling Jl Kunti, walk inside and experience the difference.

Bringing a whole new meaning to chilling out, CHILL is a unique spa specialising in reflexology and acupressure. Designed as a Zen-like sanctuary that resonates with ancient healing and its promise to de-stress and rejuvenate, from the very beginning this award-winning spa promises an experience that transforms using ancient techniques that soothe the senses and heal from within.

Located on fashionable Jl Kunti, Seminyak, at the front of The Villas, CHILL is a relaxation centre that draws the guests slowly into an experience that reverberates long after the treatment is over.

Experienced therapists are guided by their training and intuition to soothe and heal. The guests are each enveloped in their own private experience, supported by pillows, covered in downy soft covers and pampered by the knowing hands of their therapist.

Upon arrival, guests are warmly greeted in true Balinese style and invited to remain fully dressed. Before heading into the expansive treatment salon, clients are comfortably seated with their feet gently placed in marble foot baths to be bathed and cleansed in cascading warm water in preparation of the treatment.

As the doors open to reveal the treatment room, a sense of calm is almost instantly achieved. CHILL is furnished with soft, stylish leather lounges that convert to luxurious armchairs for those having the classic reflexology treatment. Gossamer sheer curtains give a sensual and dreamy quality to the experience, whilst dividing the treatment areas. CHILL is one of the island’s most outstanding facilities and those who have experienced it are often tempted to visit again and again.


The essential guide to chill reflexology & acupressure

CHILL out in the zen-like sanctuary of this beautifully designed spa centre. Plug in your i-pod and indulge in a range of blissful treatments. Fingertip pressure to the extremities washes away stress and enhances the physical being. Acupressure and Reflexology are two key areas that promote well being basedon ancient traditions. CHILL offers a customised retreat toexperience the ancient art of reflexology or zone therapy. Indulge in awonderful way at this unique spa centre, unlike any other in Bali.


Chill reflexology & acupressure
Jalan Kunti 118X Seminyak

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