A Bali Christmas makes the merriest memories!

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Epicure Asia Silly season has arrived! Are you lucky enough to be spending your Christmas 2022 in Bali? It’s fabulous to see the island getting busier… It’s time to get Merry and celebrate a Bali Christmas in style. The island of Bali has lots to offer this Christmas season, from long ocean-side brunches or traditional…

Christmas in Bali

Presents not wrapped? Plans not finalised? Don’t worry, be happy and check our last minute guide to Christmas in Bali. From the full traditional feast to ‘not a turkey in sight’, Christmas celebrations in Bali take on all the colour and fun of a multitude of cultures. Here are our picks for the top feasts…

Seminyak style-seekers.

Happiness for Seminyak style-seekers

Where do Seminyak style-seekers head when looking for that perfect outfit, unique designer jewellery or the ultimate party-starting head to toe polish? Read our tips on the latest destinations for stylish shoppers and ultimate makeovers.

Getaway to the Gili islands – but which one?

Last weekend, me and my friends visited the Gili’s. I was sooo excited because everyone is always talking about those islands and I had never been there before. Time to check it out! We decided to discover all three of them – Meno, Air and Trawangan – so we could find out by ourselves which one we would love…