Bali’s First Baby Giraffe

Bringing two adult giraffes to Bali was no mean feat and required a very special kind of handling from experienced curators. The two young adult giraffes arrived over a year ago and settled comfortably into their new home at Bali Safari & Marine Park.

The exercise has paid off now in the shape of a graceful baby giraffe who will go on display at the park this week.

Mother Sofia is a four year old giraffe who is part of the park’s breeding program. After 15 months of pregnancy, this beautiful creature was born on January 2nd. Weighing in at 65 kilos at birth and measuring 2 metres in height, he is the tallest baby in the animal world. The baby is the first giraffe ever born in Bali and one of only a few ever bred in Indonesia.

The long-necked male was able to stand just an hour after birth and has been carefully handled until he was able to spend time with his parents in the Safari area of the park.

The Safari journey now takes in the giraffes, a very special exhibition that the park takes great care of as part of their breeding and conservation program overseen by zoo curator, Tim Husband.

“ This unique and fantastic animal is one of our finest exhibited animals. The newborn baby giraffe is just one of the Park’s many success stories. Breeding programs like this have enabled Bali Safari & Marine Park to be listed as the only “A” class accredited park in Bali. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for the park as there are lots more planned births coming up.”

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