6 of Bali’s Best Co-Working Spaces

Bali is a haven for digital nomads looking for affordable luxury and a reliable internet connection. We visit six alternative work spaces that are affordable, have great internet connections and offer a host of networking opportunities.

By Katie Lockhart with Sarah Dougherty

Bali is a haven for digital nomads looking for affordable luxury and a reliable internet connection. Ubud kicked off Bali’s co-working craze in 2013 with Hubud, and since then shared workspaces have been popping up from Legian to Canggu. These communal areas are for remote workers visiting the island for a few weeks or a few years, a place to meet like-minded workers, collaborate on projects or simply work without interruption. From the drop shipping crew to inspirational creatives, each space has a character that may, or may not, be your ideal alternative to the doldrums of a 9-5 existence. 

With the recent announcement that Hubud and Dojo Bali, Canggu’s most popular co-working space, will be combining, these are a few of the more affordable options that are less crowded and provide quiet areas and meeting spaces away from the many distractions Bali provides. 

Biliq Bali

Get your creative juices flowing at Biliq Bali

Local dogs greet you at the front door of this Seminyak co-working destination, a play on bilik, the Bahasa word for “a space”. Biliq is Bali’s first pay-per-minute co-working space, an ideal spot for those on the island for a short period of time. And at Rp 500 per minute, it’s one of the cheapest spaces anywhere. There is a small pool in the center of the outdoor area with stands to place your laptop on while you work. There is a small air-conditioned area with access to a kitchen with free water and coffee as well as snacks for purchase. There is also a tiny Japanese style nap room and meetings rooms for reserve. Fresh coconuts and smoothie bowls are also available for purchase. 

District Canggu

District Canggu keeps you focused and energised

One of the most peaceful co-working spaces in Canggu gives you a rice paddy view. The first floor is a café open to the public and a wave of digital nomads. There is a variety of excellent food to choose from including salad, pasta and Indonesia dishes. On the second level there are several desks and air-conditioned rooms for Skype calls and meetings. The silent space could do with more comfortable seating, but what they lack in comfort they make up for in tranquility. And at just Rp 44k for an hour and Rp 110k for a day, it’s a fantastic deal. 

Hustler’s Villa

Clarity comes from dipping your toes in the water

This joint co-working and co-living space just outside the center of Ubud has a pool, a vegan-friendly café and a dedicated community of entrepreneurs and remote workers. But you don’t have to stay here to work here. A one day fee off 100k will get you access to standing desks, poolside beanbags, hammocks, electronic equipment, free water, coffee and 20 percent off food and drinks. They have weekly brunches, workshops and business events for those looking to expand their businesses.  

Tropical Nomad

There is nothing boring about having Tropical Nomad as your office

Right in the heart of hipster Canggu is a new co-working space worthy of Instagram. The two-story building is surrounded by palm trees with a welcoming bohemian vibe. It has clean white lines, large indoor trees and long tables with vibrant-thatched chairs. For a 180k day pass, you can work from a ba