So Many Delicious Reasons To Visit Ubud’s New Powder Room

I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store, If you've got a sweet tooth, you will too. A brilliant new concept from Room4Dessert.

Checking out the new Powder Room by Room4Dessert (R4D) tickles my sweet tooth in the most fabulous way. This is a candy store cum tea room for grown-ups. There are all your childhood favourites here from creative versions of Mars bars and Snickers to wrapped Sugus-like candy. Will Goldfarb is internationally famous for his dessert bar in Ubud, featured on Chef’s Table on Netflix and singled out for major foodie awards, and The powder room is shaping up to be another winning recipe.

The Powder Room is a chance for him and his team to relive their childhoods and pack a whole lot of goodness into candy bars, and bakery items and highlight local artisan ingredients at the same time. Nothing is ever what it seems at Room4Dessert and their permaculture garden has sparked even more creative ways to play with unexpected flavours in mind-boggling creations. I bought the cookbook and despite years of baking, I’m still stuck on basics. R4D is also one of my top picks for incredible cocktails – whatever they touch sparks memories both old and new.

So you should not be surprised by The Powder Room. Once again Will and his wife Maria have taken an old building and infused it with character and joy. There are touches of Grandma chic, old wooden doors and cabinets, wide windows and shelves packed with quirky objects and recipe-defying goodies.

This is a beautiful spot to stop for artisan coffee, a blend created by Seniman Coffee in Ubud exclusively for the venue. Enjoy floral tea in an old-fashioned pot and pretty ceramic cups, browse a collection of cookbooks, step back in time with some favourite tunes or simply stop in for some goodies to take home or on the road.

The Powder Room is right next door to Room4Dessert on Jl. Raya Sanggingan in Ubud. It’s also home to their research lab – think mad scientist meets Jimi Hendrix – and the cooking school where pastry enthusiasts from around the world come to learn from the best.

Will and Maria have a way of bringing out the best in their team, inspiring both loyalty and creativity. It shows up on the plate every night at Room4Dessert and now next door at The Powder Room all day every day. Step inside and channel your inner Willie Wonka. I predict your first visit won’t be your last, this place is irresistible.

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