10 Sanur Restaurants That Locals Love to Visit

Sanur Restaurants - Sanur Beach

Tandjung Sari Hotel

tandjung sari restaurant sanur

Unbeatable for the old-school Bali experience, the restaurant at the Tandjung Sari Hotel is just that – unbeatable. Serving international favourites and authentic Indonesian cuisine, this spot is perhaps less about the food (which is nevertheless great) and more about the setting. Right on the beach, right next to the bijou pool and bar, right underneath the mighty Mount Agung. Simply a stunning setting with exceptional service and old-world charm. Reservations are a must.

Warung Old Brick

sanur restaurant, sanur local restaurant, sanur

Old Bricks is the kind of place where you know you’re going to have a good time, any night of the week. The food is not spectacular – it’s certainly not bad – and it ranges in the local culinary arena from basic salads to Indonesian dishes and bar staple favorites. It’s run by boys – meaning this is a small music venue with a vibe and a friendly holiday style enthusiasm that harks back to a beach bar feel. There’s a guitarist every night in the corner by the toilets, kicking out the Marley favorites, and the staff pitch in with a tambourine or a go on the box drum to keep the vibe up. You can join in too – all are welcome. Old Bricks is an excellent family restaurant set in a tiny open courtyard down a tiny local gang that just feels so Balinese. And, damn it, so Sanur! I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Order an Arak Sunrise, a cold beer and a burger or nasi goreng and get stuck in. If you sing, let the small crowd join in. And no you can’t book, but it does get busy. Expect to leave feeling satiated and filled with the thought that this THE place to tell your mates about when you get back home to your country, suntanned, just off the boat from Nusa Lembongan, half pissed and happy. There’s no car access. Sensational.

The Fire Station – British

Sanur Restaurants Fire Station Sanur

The Fire Station is a gastro pub with an emphasis on English-style food and styled after a New York brasserie. Popular for its Sunday lunch offerings, this jovial venue on the end of Jalan Danau Poso has a newly extended balcony terrace and large-screen TVs for sporting events. Starters of note include an excellent Duck Liver Pate and Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese followed by steaks, burgers, seafood and pasta dishes. Take in the wall art that includes dozens of classic celebrity photographs, they’re sure to keep you amused. Great cocktails and a solid range of beers.


sanur restaurant, sanur local restaurant, sanur

Time was you could go out for a proper late night in Sanur, but those days – alas – are somewhat behind us. I remember one place – a huge club called Janger where it was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face and the waiter had to use a torchlight to show you the variety of Ecstasy pills on offer on a saucer. Not that I ever indulged of course! Oh no. Certainly not. And the. The place burned to the ground one night. But anyway I digress. If you want a good time in Sanur – with a truly fantastic show band that plays 2 sets a night – then Casablanca is your go. It’s open a bit late (Sanur late is about 1am) and it’s filled with holiday makers, Indo, African and Russian hookers and a variety of local foreign washed up types, but it still feels fresh. Like Abba fresh. It’s a dance your ass of place in front of the band on stage. I wouldn’t eat there, and narcotics are thankfully a thing of the past, but still, no one goes for the food. They go for the party, the tequilas and the girls. And boys. It’s Sanur’s best late night venue.

Warung Kecil Infinity - Indonesian

warung kecil sanur, indonesian food, sanur

Ain’t nothing special about Warung Kecil Infinity’s location on the busy bypass at Sanur, but this highly popular Indonesian warung simply serves the healthiest and best variety of local classics. Choose from white, red or yellow rice, point to what you want to eat behind the glass counter and order a delicious local orange juice before sitting yourself down on the terrace. The perfect place to have a quick and affordable lunch either on your own, with family or workmates. Epic sambal. Ideal for vegetarians.

Parisi - French

parisi Sanur

Parisi is a hidden gem run by a Frenchman cooking French food. It’s as simple as that – so why is it so hard to find a decent brasserie in Bali? Parisi serves up home-cooked favourites, farmhouse stews, charcuterie, steak frites and amazing deserts. Something not on the menu that you fancy for next time? Simply have a chat with the Chef and he’ll make sure it’s waiting for you when you return. A good wine list – of course – a decent range of classic French sauces and the friendly feel of eating at a Frenchman’s home. There’s no view to speak of – although there is a cosy garden setting out back – Parisi is hidden away across the bypass in Jalan Batur Sari. Don’t expect sweeping rice field terraces or anything other than what it is: solid, intimate and homey with a great cheeseboard.

Jalapeno - Mexican

“I’ve spent time in Mexico,” a friend told us, “and the food at Jalapeno is the real deal.” Can’t get a better recommendation than that! Jalapeno on Jalan Danau Tamblingan is a small but excellent Mexican eatery serving fresh tacos, salads, burritos and bowls, with also a decent selection of tequilas and other Mexican favourites. Right opposite sits Ryoshi, Bali’s longtime Japanese hang, and further up the road Tate, a British bangers-and-more café. A few more yards and you’re at a French bakery and a short walk to the breezy beach brings you to a bunch more restaurants, spas and hotels. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why more people don’t live in this sleepy enclave. 


Parisi Sanur

Tapha - Beachside

Tapha - Beachside sanur, sanur restaurant

Sanur boasts a thriving beach scene made busy by a cycle and walkway that runs the full distance of its beach. This is no Canggu though – you won’t find the same digital nomad vibe here – yet there are myriad restaurants worth visiting. If we had to pick then we’d head to Tapha, not only because there is parking on offer but because its international, Asian and Indonesian menu is full of surprises. Salads and seafood, pasta and burgers. You get the drift. Watch the waves crash on the offshore reef or head over in the evening for live music that always brings a crowd, even if the average age is more Sanur than Seminyak.

Naga Eight - Chinese

Naga Eight restaurant, Chinese restaurant in sanur, sanur restaurant

You’re in the mood for a Chinese meal that reminds you of Hong Kong? Head to Naga Eight, set in a gorgeous garden and old-style pavilion with an extensive menu of Oriental favourites including Peking Duck, Hot and Sour Seafood Soup, Hainan Chicken, Char Siu Pork and a hundred other great dishes. Internationally owned and run, this grand old dame of Sanur has had a great facelift and a new lease of life, yet still manages to feel local and welcoming. Check out their Sunday Yum Cha and bring the kids.

Hanoi by MeVui – Vietnamese

vietnam restaurant sanur, sanur restaurant

What a luxury to live or visit a place that has cuisine from almost every culinary corner of the world… and in Sanur that includes Vietnam. Hanoi by MeVui is an exceptional eatery with big portions, tasty food and a deeply delicious pho. The Vietnamese owners have a big rep in Saigon, and the food here 100% reflects the food culture of that country. If you need further encouragement, reflect on the fact that the restaurant is named after the mother of one of these owners – yep, these are her recipes. The culinary Gods agree that this alone is a reason to visit. Terrific.


Roti Canai & teh Tarek Warung Baruna – Indian/Malay

Indian/Malay restaurant sanur

Frankly, this is not the most aesthetically elegant of restaurants in Sanur, situated awkwardly as it is on the corner of the bypass and Jalan Danau Poso. But we’re a food-first site and we call it as we see it. If you’re a fan of the Malay-Indian phenomenon of Roti Prata with perfectly prepared chicken curry sauce and hand-pulled Teh Tarek, then this is your go-to. Ignore the white people-speak on Trip Advisor. Some people just aren’t set up for good Asian street food, and to hell with them. Take some mossie repellent and slurp up the good times.

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