Bali’s Best Anti-Aging Facials

 Bali’s Best
Anti-Aging Facials

Glowing, healthy skin that radiates youthful exuberance is just an appointment away with Bali’s tried and tested holistic anti-aging facials. Whether you need to polish and plump for a night out, top up your injectables, or are looking for treatments that will continue to improve your skin tone and complexion over time, Bali has the remedy. Spa expert, Judy Chapman and the 360bali spa team visited the island’s top spas and cosmetic centres to test run the very best the island has to offer.

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The Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP)

Where: Rejuvie Aesthetic, Anti-Aging & Dental Clinic

Why: Also known as the vampire facial, popular with celebrities including Kim Kardashian, the PRP facial uses your own plasma as a serum and injectable to promote healthy activity of the skin on a cellular level. The facial delivers big time results and is performed by a qualified dermatologist. The treatment leaves skin red at first however, the positive effects continue to improve over the next four weeks creating a visage that is plumper and smoother.

How much: Treatments start from Rp 1,800,000

What else: Rejuvie is one of Bali’s top medical cosmetic clinics. Offering a full menu of state of the art, anti-aging therapies from injectables to the latest lasers, CO2 therapies and more. The team at Rejuvie regularly updates their skills and equipment. This is the go-to clinic for many locals and expats.

PH: +62 361 760 084   Email:

 Celebrity LA 24 Gold Facial

Where: Cocoon Medical Spa

Why: Gold facials have long been revered and date back to Chinese history and Cleopatra’s time, when royalty crushed gold into their skincare routines. Cocoon’s 5-part facial is based on technologies to repair, regenerate cells and hydrate. First, a deep cleanse and Diamond Microdermabrasion exfoliation. Then onto some serious skin food; a Gold Collagen Mask, 24 Carat Gold Hyaluronic Acid Serum and a gold collagen moisturiser.  The facial ends with LED Red Light Therapy to boost natural collagen levels – depart with extra shimmer and glow. 

How much: 80 minutes | Rp 1,000,000

What else: Cocoon offers a variety of facials including Micro-needling, PRP (vampire facials) and Dermapen.

Cocoon Medial Spa Legian PH: +62 811 388 2240

Cocoon Medial Spa Ubud PH: +62 811 388 2241


Signature Karma Yoga Facial

Where: Karma Spa at Karma Kandara and Karma Jimbaran

Why: Based on the premise that we need to work our body to stay toned so why not our face! The newly launched Karma Yoga Facial is tailored to stimulate our often-ignored facial muscles, kickstart lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. Enhanced with profound Ayurvedic marma-point therapy, all the tension in your face is released leaving you calm, rested and glowing.

Delivered with organic coconut and facial oils.

How much: 60-minutes IDR 750++

What else:

WHAT ELSE? You can enhance your Yoga Facial with the celebrity favourite Oxygen therapy and micro-exfoliation as well as Jade gua sha or a Collagen Gold Mask. Depart toned and glowing. This facial will be rolled out to both Karma Jimbaran and Kama Reef by October.

Karma Kandara PH: +62 848 2200

Karma Jimbaran PH: +61 283 557 602

Karma Reef PH: +61 894 688 358


Bliss out with karma Spa’s latest yoga facial.

Ila Crystal Facial

Where: Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Ray

Why: Simply put, ila-spa treatments