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Smokin’ Hot!

The sun is shining and the beer is icy so those cool dudes at Scallywags have upped the ante with sensational seasonal deals offering up to 50 per cent off stays at their resortson the Gilis this month. With five different resorts, and an uber chilled beachclub, on two of these stunning islands off lovely Lombok,the options are endless. Eco warriors can secure a stay at the environmentally friendly and sustainably built Scallywags Resort on Gili Trewangan while others might opt for the quieter Scallywags Mango Retreat on Gili Air. Thereis also Scallywags Smugglers Hideaway with 12 guest rooms and Scallywags Motel with just six rooms, which is perfect for privacy. Get your snorkel out and beat the heat.

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