Bali from above

Photographer Thomas Duncan has visited Bali twice now, armed with his drone he photographs Bali from above. Discovering Bali for the first time was an eye opener for Thomas Duncan, who reigns on Instagram as @tommytwig, we asked him where were his favourite places to shoot and hang out?

Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali

Uluwatu was my absolute favourite for shooting. Because of the geography, you don’t know what’s beyond the cliff and discovering it through the lens was amazing. I simply pulled the scooter over and let fly, there were so many surprises.

La Joya II Biu-Biu, Uluwatu

I also fell in love with the Nusa islands. They were the most untouched islands, especially Nusa Penida, but I loved them all.

Nusa Lembongan Island

My favourite place to hang out was definitely Canggu. It’s not the best place to shoot, although I got some great shots of the surfing and the beach clubs, but as a place to be, I just loved it, sitting on the beach and hanging out.

Bali, Indonesia

For Thomas the mountains and the sea, the rice terraces and the beaches proved that Bali is a great destination for shooting and there’s so much more to discover. Keep your eye on his Instagram feed for more incredible shots of Bali and beyond. Some of our favourites are reposted on 360bali, so follow us for our favourite Insta stories. Check out more Bali stuff on his website.