Flipping the burger – Bali’s top ten vegan and vegetarian cafes.

The good news if you’re a vegan is that you’ll never go hungry in Bali, and there are a host of cafes that even your non-vegan friends will love. Plant-based cafes are capturing the imagination and the Instagram feeds of a generation of healthier travellers. Today’s vegan cafes are colourful, fresh and bursting with flavour and personality. Check out our top ten and discover how creative cooks are reinventing cafe favourites.

By Yasmine Schouten.

The Shady Shack Canggu

Health freaks are going nuts over the vegan, gluten and dairy-free menu at Shady Shack. If you like your food in all colours of the rainbow then this is the place for you. The leafy terrace and crisp interior plays off jungle décor with white canopy-covered tables located in their garden. The best thing they serve is an all-day breakfast, so you can enjoy smoothie bowls for dinner without getting a sideways look, and still have room for their amazing cakes.

The Shady Shack, Jalan Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu, p. +62 (0)819 1639 5087.

Give Café Canggu

At Give Café things are done a little differently. Every single purchase has a purpose. The café is completely plant based and gives 100% of its profit to the people & places that need it most. Each month 3 charities are carefully chosen by the café and all profits are dedicated to these organisations. Besides doing great work, Give Café also has an amazing menu. From Unicorn Pancakes and Pink Lattes to Cheekan Satay (vegan sate) and whole coconuts. At Give you can do well and eat well at the same time.

Jalan Padang Linjong no. 85 Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361

Peloton Canggu

A combination of a plant-based café & bicycle store allows Peloton to share the fun and ease of a conscious lifestyle. Peloton Supershop is about celebrating a full life. They are a one stop planet-friendly shop, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Peloton is not a typical plant-based café, although they are meat and dairy free, they believe in balance and encourage fellow humans to be mindful of our consumption  to eat more plants.