Indulge In A Breathtaking Feast For The Senses At Gajah Putih, Ubud.

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As Bali’s culinary landscape evolves, Gajah Putih emerges as a trailblazer, crafting new narratives for dining enthusiasts by fusing imaginative gastronomy with theatre and storytelling.

Nestled on the fringes of Ubud, Gajah Putih is a uniquely designed elegant dining space. Arrive well-dressed and be taken on a symphony of exquisitely plated dishes harmonised with mesmerising performances enhanced with light, sound, movement and song.

Gajah Putih was conceived by visionary Maksim Krasyuk, who has called Indonesia home for nine years, and has established himself as a passionate advocate for sustainable practices in the restaurant industry. Inspired by his love for food and theatre, he unearths the tapestry of Balinese culture through inventive dishes and vivid narratives.

ubud restaurant, ubud food, what's in ubud, maksim gajah putih

“Our goal is to transport guests to a realm of wonder, where gastronomic artistry meets theatrical magic, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime,” he told us.

The chef is Alexei Dokuchaev, who meticulously orchestrates dishes as a sensory explosion of colour, taste and texture. Artful performances highlight each offering, often imbued with island-centric wit and humour. Alex brings traditional and contemporary Balinese culture to life, with a spotlight on the sea and farming rituals behind local ingredients and ceremonial fare.

ubud restaurant, ubud food, what's in ubud, gajah putih chef

“Gajah Putih is not just a restaurant; it’s a stage where food becomes art and art becomes a feast for the senses,” Chef Alexei explains.

Without wanting to reveal too much about this avant-garde epicurean odyssey (as it would take away the joy of discovery), be prepared to be captivated from arrival to departure. Some of the innovative taste (and visual) sensations in the 11-course set menu include fish curry with fermented banana leaf sambal and bebek duck presented with flowers and herbs. Desserts are an unexpected journey as well – from heavenly Ubud rosella sorbet to vanilla gelato with nasi goreng caramel, black lime and arak chocolate.

Gajah Putih is centred around ‘Lingkaran’ which translates in Indonesian as a circle. Amidst Bali’s culinary evolution, Gajah Putih stands out as a pioneer and is a must-book for your Bali adventure bucket list.

The experience is available from Wednesday to Sunday. The intimate venue hosts a maximum of 30 guests, making it a great option for a private event, and costs Rp 1,030,000, including tax and service.

Be aware that Gajah Putih follows a set menu for epicurean adventurers. A vegetarian option is available, but currently, the experience doesn’t accommodate vegans and guests with gluten intolerances or celiac-afflicted palates.

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