Nano Philosophy

As one of Jakarta’s leading clinics, specializing in natural treatments that are effective and increase a sense of health and well being, Nano Philosphy’s

Bali clinic is now winning over new fans. Those shy of surgery and chemical enhancement will love this holistic approach to anti-aging. From in depth analysis of blood to provide clients with valuable feedback, to lifting, slimming, anti-wrinkle treatments, Nano Philosophy is focused on rejuvenation from the inside out.

Some of the world’s leading labs are the source of organic treatments that are tried and tested to the most rigorous standards, and are available exclusively at Nano Philosophy. The medical team is equipped with a professional knowledge of homeopathy and natural therapies, which are employed in treatments that include vitamin therapy, cell renewal and lifeblood analysis.

Combining experience, professionalism and leading anti-aging research in their treatments gives brilliant results with no down time. Client testimonials speak volumes about the effectiveness of the treatments and the commitment to some of the world’s most effective natural therapies. At Nano Philosophy, health is beauty.

Harnessing nature to fight aging is a breakthrough for many who have shunned surgery and avoid chemical treatments. Taking an organic approach to wellness, Nano Philosophy focuses instead on nature-based formulas that have proved incredibly effective.

Working together with the body’s own systems, Nano Philosophy have taken Jakarta by storm and are now in Bali with their revolutionary, holistic approach to anti-aging, beauty, health and slimming.

Start at Nano Philosophy with a personalized analysis by the team of doctors and nurses. Start a transformation with their legendary Nano cocktail, a healing ozone therapy and infusion of multi vitamins that promotes health and vitality.

From cell renewal to lifeblood analysis, Nano uses the latest research to deliver results that are derived from nature to reveal a more vital and youthful you. A range of alternative treatments are sourced from some of the world’s leading labs, effective and safe.

Nano Philosophy’s organic super lift is an all in one facelift and anti-aging treatment that combines two powerful rejuvenating agents to immediately tone and smooth the skin. Using a substance that occurs in nature, the super lift acts as a gentle muscle relaxant while also tightening sagging skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Liposlim is a combination of vitamins and amino acids that burn fat and remove it from the body naturally, while lipo fit slims the face and rejuvenates the skin. The promise at Nano Philosophy is that you will not only look better, you will feel better. Personalised treatments take place In the comfort of the private air-conditioned treatment rooms.

The essential guide to nano philosophy

Don’t panic, it’s organic. Ground breaking organic treatments lift, slim and improve the quality of skin. Medical doctors supervise all treatments. The serene spa rooms soothe the senses while experienced staff administer the gentle treatments. Lift and shine with organic treatments. Nature goes to work in astonishing ways in this groundbreaking clinic. The Nano Cocktail is your ticket to shine. Jakartans have embraced Nano Philosophy as one of the capital’s leading anti-aging clinics, now Bali has its own.

Nano philosophy
jl. basangkasa no. 36, seminyak
+62 361 739 372

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